A Scottish Sweetie

Tablet is a very rich, very sugar traditional Scottish sweet. Made from butter, condensed milk and sugar, this crumbly fudge-like candy does not win any awards for it’s health inducing properties; it does, however, sweep the board when it comes to ecstatic groan inducing.


Before I go any further I must tell you that it should be D writing this. He and he alone has spent the past few weeks perfecting his tablet making skills. It hasn’t been easy journey, tablet is notoriously difficult to make and many baking trays lost their lives in this quest. The sacrifices have most definitely been worth it though, for sitting next to me this very moment is a chunk of tablet, no bigger than a matchbox. It’s creamy, it’s sweet, it’s slightly crumbly and, oh me oh my, it is absolutely divine.

An enormous thanks to Alice for sharing her recipe with D and for enduring all of his breaktime tablet-question sessions. 🙂

Alice’s Tablet

2lbs caster sugar

1/4lb butter

1 cup of whole milk

Tin of condensed milk

Teaspoon vanilla essence

* Remove all children, pets and clumsy people from the room. They tend not to mix well with vats of boiling sugar.
* In a heavy based pan (and wearing rubber gloves) slowly melt sugar, milk and butter.
* Once it comes to the boil add the condensed milk.
* Slowly bring to the boil again, stirring constantly.
* Still stirring carefully, boil for 15 minutes or until mixture darkens to a butterscotch colour.
* To test if mixture has boiled for long enough drop a teaspoon full into a glass of cold water. If it’s ready it will form a ball.
* Remove from heat and add vanilla essence.
* Beat until your arm nearly falls off and the mixture has thickened to a very thick custard-like state (approx. 15 mins).
* Pour into a greased tin and cool.
* Cut into squares. Store in an airtight container.