Lasko Ultra Ceramic Tower Heater Review with Remote Control: Model CT30710C (Review)

Lasko Ultra Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control: Model CT30710C


This a review about this model of the Lasko Ultra Ceramic Tower Heater Model CT30710C which I personally own two of. My office is 330 square feet or 30 square meters 22′ x 15′ and it keeps it comfortably warm. I have 2 large windows but the office is downstairs and retains heat relatively well. Also see my review of the Wall Panel Heaters which I also reviewed for my office.


The heater is made by Lasko Products and can be found at


That been said, I am fairly impressed with this heater, it does what it says it does. What it does not do is blast loads of hot air out. It’s a small heater that rotates 180 degrees sending out a small wave of heat. I have a fairly large room and with the door closed, the room gets really warm in about 10 minutes to the point I have to turn off the heater. If you have a wide open area, it will take longer to heat up the area and it might just keep it at warm comfortable level vs it getting too hot. It is not going to heat of up a very large room and is meant for smaller areas. This heater is designed for supplemental heat, meaning you still will need other heating sources to keep your house/room warm potentially and it is going to depend on how cold your area is.


It does feel a little flimsy and have a bit of a plastically feel, but seems well built and looks elegant. The remote gives it a pretty cool feel and feels classy. We will have to see how long the unit lasts.


I have been feeling the temperature of the cable to see if the cable heats up near the plug and so far the power cable has been cold to the touch and doesn’t get warm.



The Lasko® ultra ceramic tower heater provides quick warmth with patented Quiet Force™ blower technology in an ultra-slim design. This fully-featured heater includes a multi-function remote control, 8-hour timer and thermostat. Save-Smart® technology allows you to maintain your desired temperature on lower wattage to keep you comfortable and save energy!


  • Features:
  • Multi-function remote control (2 AAA batteries included)
  • Save-Smart® technology: automatic electronic thermostat maintains comfort using less energy
  • Extended heat zone brings heat to your level
  • Widespread oscillation
  • 8-hour auto off timer
  • Adjustable electronic thermostat
  • Heating element: Ceramic
  • 3 settings: low, high, auto thermostat
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Cool-touch housing
  • 1500 W


Remote Control


Make sure your version comes with a remote control, else it won’t be as much fun. The remote is well designed and has a shiny smooth finish which gives it a high class feel and smooth touch.  All the functions performed with the Remote Control work identically to the manual controls, except the ability to change from °F to °C and the shutdown.


1. A thermal overload protector is built in to prevent overheating.
2. If an overheat temperature is reached, the Heater will automati- cally shut off. It can only resume operation when the user resets the unit.



Lasko Ultra Ceramic Tower Heater Remote Control Image

Smart Save Feature

Press the Smart Save Button to turn on Smart Save. Essentially what this does is sets the heat to 22 degrees to start off with. You can lower it if you like. When it gets to 2 degrees above the temperature it will turn off saving you energy.

1. Set the thermostat to desired temperature using the +/-to activate the Save-Smart (Note: The default Save-Smart® temperature is 72 o F)

2. When you reach the temperature at which you want to set the unit, the set temperature will flash several times and then the display will return to indicate the current room temperature and will gradually change as the room temperature changes.

3. When the air temperature is less than the set temperature, the heater will run in HIGH heat.

4. Once the thermostat reaches the set temperature the heater will automatically switch to LOW heat to save energy.

5. When the air temperature reaches 4o above the set temperature,
the heater will turn off. The Heater will cycle off and on in the LOW mode to maintain the set temperature.

All this happens automatically with Lasko Save-Smart®Technology. To deactivate the Save-Smart® function, press Save-Smart®
again or (hi/lo) for continuous high/low heat.



Lasko Ultra Ceramic Tower Heater Review with Remote Control


Pressing the Oscillation Button will allow the Heater to oscillate back and forth. To stop the oscillation, press the Oscillation Button  again. When the Heater is in Automatic Temperature Control, the oscillation function will stop when the set temperature is reached and resume when the Heater turns back on.



Lasko Ultra Ceramic Tower Heater Review with Remote Control: Model CT30710C



The automatic temperature function will only operate on “High” heat. You cannot set the temperature automatically when the unit is in the low heat mode.

  1. To set the room at a specific temperature press the ( ) or ( ) buttonsto the desired temperature. The display will now reflect the ( ) and the temperature will be flashing. The Heater is now in Auto Temperature Mode.
  2. When you reach the temperature at which you want to set the unit, the set temperature will flash several times and then the display will return to indicate the current room temperature and will gradually change as the room temperature changes. NOTE: the temperature display does not indicate the temperature of the heated air being emitted by the heater.
  3. Once the room temperature reaches 2 degrees above the set tem- perature, the Heater will shut off. Once the room temperature reaches 1 degree below the set temperature, the Heater will turn back on and continue to cycle off and on to maintain the set temperature.
  4. This function will cancel if the ( ) button is pressed. The Heater will now be in High heat and run continuously.

NOTE: It is normal for the Heater “fan” to run for approximately 15 seconds when the Heater shuts off after reaching the set temperature.




Lasko Ultra Ceramic Tower Heater



The timer function may be activated when the Heater display is in any function or speed. This function allows you to set the length of time the Heater will run before turning itself off, from 1 hour to 8 hours. Pressing the Timer Button will increase the length of time by 1 hour each time this button is pressed. After the display reflects 8 hours, pressing the Timer Button once more will reset the Heater to run continuously. The Heater will turn off when the set time has elapsed. The unit can be turned back on by pressing the Power Button.



Price and where to buy

The main places to buy it are from Amazon or Costco. We bought ours in store at Costco for $59.99 but as with anything at Costco, while stocks last, if you see it great, else you may need to look online. I can’t comment on other Lasko models, but so far I can recommend this model.

  1. Amazon 
  2. Costco Online $64.99
  3. Costco Inshore if you can find it $59.99





Overall I am satisfied with this unit. Time will tell if it will last the test of time. The remote is cool, the heater outputs decent heat to keep a large enclosed room warm enough. It is supplemental heat and shouldn’t be used as a primary heat source or in a commercial business where it is not built to last. It would do fine in small rooms or even in a garage or workshop at home. I can recommend this product as I own it and I will update my blog if I have to return the unit or it fails. It also comes with a nice glossy 1 page guide to get started which is rare to see now days which is a nice plus


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