Dog Collar Battery Petsafe RFA-67 Hack Battery Replacement

RFA-67 Hack Battery Replacement


Hack the RFA-67 ?

Want to hack your RFA-67 Collar and save on those expensive batteries? Before I would recommend you do hack it and if you still want to, go ahead and watch the video, but there is no point any more and can recommend you buy some cheap alternatives off Amazon instead, see links below.

Batteries have significantly dropped in price.  If you live out in the boonies and don’t have access to order them and still want to get some cheaper batteries at your local store and hack the collar, go ahead and watch the video.


RFA-67 Dog Collar

RFA-67 Dog Collar



Where to find the Dog Collar ?

Dog Collar Sold on Amazon


Basic Bark Collar RFA-67 from Petsafe


Where to find Replacement RFA Batteries ?

Batteries 1 on Amazon

Batteries 2 on Amazon

Batteries 3 on Amazon

20 Sony Batteries on Amazon

10 Batteries on Amazon


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