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Netfirms vs NameSilo


I have used many registrars over the years and each year they seem to get more expensive. I get these businesses need to make a profit, but they seem to be into the nickel and dime business model. I have about 5 – 10 domains, so I am looking for a reasonable price for an adequate service. The thing that really made me move this  year was the renewal price. I was ok to pay around $10 to register a domain but also to renew a domain, but when I noticed quite a jump in cost, that made me start looking.


I did a quick search and quite a few names popped up

  • GoDaddy of course
  • Namecheap
  • Name.com
  • Tucows
  • 1&1 (Supposedly the cheapest for 99c but bad reviews)
  • NameSilo

and a few others. I hadn’t heard of NameSilo before, but found them on a forum that somebody was recommending. I think I had used Namecheap before but hated their interface for one reason or another and I don’t think they were that inexpensive.


There are a lot of mixed reviews on the internet so do your research. One of my requirements is that the registrar must be able to register .CA and .COM domains, so I can keep my domains all in one area.




I am currently with Netfirms but plan to move all my domains away from to NameSilo. There were really two issues I had with Netfirms, one their renewal price was too much especially when it was converting the cost in to CAD$ for me and two this is a big one, the Privacy setting is an extra $10 a year. I mean, seriously ? In order to have a privacy setting, I need to pay $1 a month, not a set fee for all my domains .. I was used to using domainsatcost.ca where the privacy setting was included and to be honest SHOULD BE included


I had recently registered a new domain and didn’t realize the amount of spam new domains created, I got at least 50-100 emails, plus I got endless calls on my phone that I provided and I am unable to stop them calling unless I paid $10 for the privacy setting, this absolutely made my blood boil that I was unnecessary subjected to this and the fact they trying to make an extra $10 off you per domain because they KNOW this happens. They have completely lost my respect and business.


Also I had many email issues with Netfirms, I never received my emails and couldn’t figure out why, try many changes to DNS etc. I was curious to see if I would have the same challenges on name silo and surprise surprise I did not, my email actually works, I was a little speechless.



Why NameSilo?


First off NameSilo’s renewals are the same price as the registrations and there motto is no hidden costs, check them out here. The second thing, I noticed registrations are under $10 which is great, it’s in the ballpark.


Third thing I noticed, the privacy setting is FREE and included in the cost of the domain, to be honest this is how it should be now days with privacy around domains and just privacy in general.


Setting up the domains was relatively straight forward, the domain screen allows you to click on the domain and a bunch of icons will highlight above the domain.


NameSilo Domain Setup Screen


Setting up DNS


Setting up DNS was a little more tricky, but watching a few youtube videos quickly made the process easy to understand. There are two things you can do.


Setup a DNS Server and point them to your DNS Servers if you run separate DNS Servers or you can configure or UPDATE DNS with your DNS Records, all very straight forward


NameSilo DNS Setup Screen


Video on how to point your domain to an IP Address




Managing the Domain


There are a bunch of different things you can do to manage the domain, make sure you Turn on the Privacy setting during registration, but if you miss, just head in settings and update the privacy settings, so you don’t get spammed.

Most of settings will default to the standard settings like locking the domain and parking the domain. I don’t particularly care for the new domain settings, so getting out of the parked domain is a little confusing. The nice thing you can do at NameSilo is setup templates, so if you have a domain transferred over already, then you can create a template and use this template to update the DNS Settings as above.


I wanted my email to go thru NameSilo which I forward to my personal accounts, but I want the domain to hit my web server, this can be achieved with similar settings as above.


NameSilo Domain Setup Screen



Things I like about NameSilo


  • Reasonably priced domains, perhaps the cheapest with no hidden costs
  • FREE Privacy Settings
  • Relatively easy interface once you get used to it, I would say it is easier to get around than Netfirms. The interface is a little dated, but it works.
  • Renewal fees are same cost as registrations
  • They seem open about the costs and seem honest in the advertising




I can recommend NameSilo to anyone look for a decently priced registrar with no hidden costs and a good interface. It probably takes 10 minutes to figure out the interface, but once you do it is a breeze.


I have used various registrars, domainsatcost, net firms, tucows, backspace and these guys rank up with the other guys and better. I thought I wouldn’t like the user interface, but it has grown on me.


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