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Bunker Money Making Tips for GTA Online


Bunker Money Maker in the Game

Without a doubt, the Bunker is one of the best money makers in the game. I get into arguments on the forum about this topic but it is clearly the winner because it is the least grindiest way to make money (passive vs grindy). The other competitors are the Vehicle Warehouse and now the most recent NightClub which compliments the Bunker. The Vehicle warehouse I find it too grindy for myself, but is a good easy and low cost money maker, it is a good money maker and fun if you have never tried it. I am going to tell you how to maximize your money in the Bunker so you can spend more time making money or doing other things.  My discussion will talk about selling a FULL bunker, but I will also reference selling a less than full bunker that you can continue to sell like you normally would if you sell less than 350K or only with only with 1 or 2 vehicles.


A couple of points if you like to sell in a full session because you like the rush, then maybe selling a full bunker is not necessarily the best idea if things go wrong. Always remember you can always quit before you deliver the last vehicle and only lose a bit of money. If all your vehicles are destroyed at the same time, then you will lose everything.

Second, this strategy only works if you have a bunker close to Los Santos. If you have a bunker in Paleto Bay or Noth of the Alamo Sea, you going to have to test whether it will work.


Third I am going to ramble a little bit, I will talk about selling a full bunker solo, but I will also talk about selling 1 – 2 vehicles as well to cover general selling for the bunker, but my main focus is selling a full bunker solo.


I used to hate the bunker when it first came out because of the sell missions. The supply missions were easy and fun, but the sell missions were mostly unpleasant until I saw a pattern. There are basically 5 Sell Missions which are consistent and are broken down into a few categories but are easily identifiable. There are two ways to determine which mission you want.

1. The time it takes to complete the mission is either 15 Minutes or 30 Minutes. You don’t want the 30 Minute missions if you haven’t done all the missions go ahead and try them to see if you like them. Some like the insurgent one with 3 friends is actually a lot of fun and if you have the Anti-Aircraft Trailor with the flak guns, it is a blast, I will talk a bit more about that later.

2. If you see the 0/15 or 0/10, these are the ones you don’t want unless you have 3 friends, but definitely not solo. You can maybe do them solo, but you run the risk of running out of time and you going to spend considerable more time and effort for a little extra reward. Some like the Marshall one can be done solo if the timing is right and on your side, but you literally will have seconds to spare.

3. The main way to tell if you have the right mission is when you have the single drop off missions you will see 1-3 DOTS in the right-hand corner —->GTA Online 3 Dots



GTA Online 3 Dots Mission

Single Delivery Vehicle Missions

When you do a sell mission, you can either get 1 delivery vehicle, 2 delivery vehicles or 3. This is usually determined by the amount of product you have produced (not what the product is worth when you sell it). So if you have $175K or less, you will always get 1 delivery vehicle, this is a good way to test all the sell missions, just do 1 vehicle at a time. If you have friends, doing the 30-minute missions can be a lot of fun especially the insurgent missions.


BONUS Tip: If you have the Anti-Aircraft Trailer, you can hook it on the back of the insurgents and have fun, but just be careful because you can destroy the insurgents if you just shooting like crazy. I destroyed a friends insurgent because I was careless and having way too much fun. What I do is drop in on the main road before going to the yellow circle to avoid any accidents. The flak gun is the best attachment as it can take down Hydra’s, but needless to say, if a Hydra comes after you, chances are you done because the trailer can only take 1 hit. The homing missiles run out, so not ideal. If you haven’t done your research, the default guns as seen below, do a good enough job, so don’t worry, call it anyway because it is still fun. But ultimately you will the flak cannon upgrade for the most fun and most impact.

Anti Aircraft Trailer

As a note, you can pull the Anti-Aircraft Trailer with the following Vehicles but comes with a default truck. Just unhitch it and attach it to the back of you insurgent. You can call it via the vehicle menu for quick delivery right next to you.

  • Bobcat XL
  • Bison
  • Sadler
  • Nightshark
  • Half-track
  • APC
  • Insurgent Pick-Up Custom
  • Technical Custom


Bunker Sell Missions

The sell missions are generally made up of the following missions

  • Marshall (1-3 Vehicles) – 15/30 Minutes (0-15 dropoffs)
  • Insurgents (1-3 Vehicles) – 15/30 Minutes (0-15 dropoffs)
  • Dune Buggy (1-3 Vehicles) – 15/30 Minutes (0-15 dropoffs)
  • Insurgents (1-3 Vehicles) – 15 Minutes (1 drop off per vehicle)
  • Phantom Wedge (1-2 Vehicles) – 15 Minutes (1 drop off per vehicle)



Vehicle Numbers

So depending on how you want to sell, you can get 1-3 vehicles. If you have under $175K, you will get a single vehicle, if you have under $350K, you will get 2 Vehicles and anything above 350K of a product will generally give you 3 vehicles except the Phantom Wedge Mission which is 2 Phantom Wedges. A full bunker will always be 2 or 3 vehicles or more, so you definitely can’t handle some of the missions solo and even with friends some of them like the dune buggy is questionable in 15 minutes, but the game designed for you to fail and lose your money. 15 minutes to deliver plus deal with interference from other players are more than likely to not end well. Avoid the dune buggy mission, it is garbage.


Okay here is the strategy to maximize your money, you want to avoid the first 3 missions. So how do you do this ? The easiest way is if you playing with friends, you simply go back to story mode and rejoin your friend’s session (This is the easiest and quickest). I will talk a little bit about solo sessions later. If you not playing with friends, then just switch sessions until you in another session. So what I mean by this is, if you get one of the 3 missions that are 15 or 30 minutes. You click on the SELL STOCK button and you end up outside your bunker facing either the Marshall’s, Insurgents or Dune Buggies that are the 15 or 30-minute missions or says 0/10 or 0/15 drop off’s, then simply switch your session and start another. You can also join a Crew session even if you don’t have any crew online, it will still join a session, might be quicker for some of you.

The Best way to identify the missions you need are making sure it doesn’t say 0/10 or 0/15 and it has 2 or 3 dots in the corner and are 15 minute missions.



I am talking about when you trying to sell a full or close to a full bunker. If you only have $175K or possibly two vehicles, you might want to proceed anyway, if you playing with friends why not. This means you either going to deliver 3 Insurgent Drop off vehicles or 2 Phantom Wedges. If you are selling a full Bunker  I suggest NOT doing this in a full lobby. If you want to try to get that awesome bonus feel free. Selling the full amount will get you $1,050,000 to LS. The bonus will be $10,500 per player however the risks are higher and you could lose everything. That being said if you want to try to get that extra bonus and things go south, quit your game before all the vehicles are destroyed and you should only lose 20-30K, no big deal.


The first is the easiest and that is when the 2 Phantom Wedges appear. You will have either of a couple endpoints to deliver both of these. When you deliver the first one, call up the Buzzard/Havok and fly back to the start point and deliver the second one to the exact same location. Sometimes the endpoint will be at the LS Airport in the far corner. When that happens your Buzzard will spawn far away. So you can call an aircraft or what I do is grab a cop car and drive to the HANGAR where the Titan normally spawns at and use the Titan to fly back to my bunker which is fun. The second mission you want to consider is the Insurgent. You will have 3 Insurgents and a 15-minute timer. Make sure it is the 15-minute timer!


This one requires some decent driving and flying skills but it is doable. Each one of these will go to a different location. I strongly suggest that you hop into one of the Insurgents and if the delivery location is fairly close, hit the road immediately. If it seems like it is really far, like near the airport or the docks, do that one last because you will need to make a return trip for the other two and it’s wasted time. With the long haul one being the final, you will not have to make a lengthy return trip. This one requires decent driving and flying skills. I generally have 2 – 3 minutes to spare when you delivering 3 vehicles, so as long as no one is messing with you or you don’t get the vehicle stuck, it’s easily doable and you not distracted by other things, stay focused  as your time is limited.



Bonus Tip: Oh yeah! One other word of caution: If you have more than 50% of your stock full, you do run the risk of your bunker being raided. So make sure to keep that in mind when attempting to fill that bunker up. You have about 10 hours real time before a raid kicks in, so if you go over 500K, make sure you sell that day, if you come back the next day and decide to do a heist or something else, you risk your bunker getting raided EVEN if you have the security upgrades. I lost 500K because I wasn’t paying attention. I had a full bunker and they took half my stock.



Selling in Blaine or in Los Santos?

Well, you going to want to sell Los Santos because you will get maximum payout, no point in selling local and making less money, just don’t do it.

Solo Sessions

See my post about solo sessions.

AFK in your Bunker?

You can AFK in your Bunker if you have the Security upgrade. The security cameras are right next to your computer in the Bunker. Simply watch the security feed, you can either plug in your controller or turn off your controller, you don’t need to keep your controller on to be AFK. If you opted not to buy the security upgrade, you can AFK in any of your apartments by watching TV or watching TV in your Office. Just sit down on the couch, turn on the TV and watch TV, then turn off your controller. For XBOX Owners, there is a new IDLE setting on your XB Dashboard which will kick you if idle, you should be able to find it on Settings, preferences, Idle Settings, disable this to avoid being kicked.

Which Upgrades to Buy?

I highly recommend you get all 3 upgrades asap.

  • The Equipment upgrades will help  your supplies last longer
  • Staff upgrades will allow your staff to produce more product faster
  • Security upgrades will lessen the risk of you getting raided, but more importantly, it will allow you to AFK in your Bunker, so you don’t have to leave and come back. All 3 upgrades are worth getting and will pay for themselves, so don’t worry, your bunker will basically pay for everything you could ever want or need in the game.



To Buy or Steal Supplies?

Once you have upgraded all your equipment, you should only buy supplies and use your time with IE (Import/Export) or doing missions or heists. The Bunker business is passive income, so basically as long as you online, you will be making money. If you stealing supplies you are basically throwing money out of the window and instead of earning money on top of your bunker, you are stealing supplies instead. Rather put this time to good use and be earning and let the supplies come in on its own. It takes exactly 9 minutes for supplies to be delivered, I found it is sometimes beneficial to wait for the supplies to be delivered before continuing with other activities. I have noticed recently that certain activities, heists for instance, I come back and my supplies haven’t been delivered. I think R* tweaked it to reduce the amount of product to be delivered so you intentionally lose money.


What I can confirm works for sure, is if you doing a sell, your supplies WILL be delivered during the sell, so what I normally do is buy supplies just before I do a sell, that way, my supplies are full by the time I am done and I can continue without waiting 9 minutes.


Don’t buy supplies if you have not upgraded your equipment or staff, as you will take a loss, it only becomes worthwhile to buy supplies when your equipment and staff are running efficiently, else continue to steal until you have upgraded. If you want you can continue to steal, but this is not how you run a passive business and you wasting more time than it is worth.



Bunker Maintenance Fees

Bonus Tip: Avoid the $9400 Bunker maintenance fees and now the $9000 facility fees by switching sessions every 40-48 minutes real time. If you switch sessions it will reset your time and you won’t get charged. You can also elect to just pay the fees and sell a Baller to cover your fees. Also if you are AFK’ing in your Bunker, before you become a CEO again, switch sessions, because as soon as you become a CEO or MC again and you have afk’ed for longer than 48 minutes, you will be charged the $9400 fee once you become a CEO.


Police Raids

If you purchase the Security upgrades, RAIDS will still happen but less frequent. The main way to avoid any raids is to make sure you sell after you go over 500K. Anytime you go over 500K your risk of getting raided increases. If you don’t leave your bunker then the chances of you getting raided is very unlikely, I have yet to be raided while I am in my bunker. What I normally do is set my spawning point in the bunker so we I log in to GTA, the first thing I do is buy supplies and check my stock levels. If I am between 600-700K, then you can sell. If you planning on playing something else like Missions, Heists, Smugglers Run and your stock is over 500K, sell your stock first even if it is only 500K, this way you won’t get raided. There is nothing worse than Failstar taking your hard earned product because you off enjoying something else in the game to come back to a RAID. Once a raid has started, you have already lost and there is no way to recover your money once a RAID has kicked in.


Saving Money on Supplies (Trick)

Fill the supply bar on your bunker or MC Club business, or both. then wait for production to take literally, a sliver out of your otherwise full supply bar.

Buy Supplies for 15k and then use an open heist, to teleport back to your apartment. Once there, you can start a Simeon contact mission (Blow Up 1 comes to mind) and it will 9 times out of 10, start while you’re still in the apt. just sit down and click the tv on and you won’t be kicked for AFK.

In about two hours it will consume a full supply bar making products and use all your supplies, you can time it but it is about 2 – 2.5hours.

You can then quit the mission (or complete it for an extra 18K, Blow up 1, you just need Buzzard and destroy all the cars in the parking lot and fly back to the garage) and after a while those supplies you ordered will show up, but they will fill your bar the entire way. you just got about a full bar of supplies for 15k.

BONUS TIP: Get a coke spot close to your bunker and do both at the same time. you can call in supplies at the paleto bay coke spot, and at your farmhouse bunker for example well before any calls to say they have been delivered. Then when you get online both are nice and full and you start your session with two sales at 1.4 mill

Video: Shows how easy it is selling a full bunker solo (3 Insurgents)



Video: Shows selling a full bunker with 2 Phantom Wedges (Best possible mission)

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