GTA Online Dooms Day Heist – Act 1 – The Data Beaches

Overview of the Dooms Day Heist Setups and Heist

The following Act 1 Heist was completed SOLO with 2 XBOXES, 1 Player. I wanted to challenge myself to see if you could actually complete the heists solo and I have successfully completed the entire heist solo.

Preparation Setups

  1. Prep: Paramedic Equipment
  2. Prep:  Deluxo’s
  3. Prep: Akula


  1. Setup: Dead Courier
  2. Setup: Signal Intercepts
  3. Setup: Server Farm


Prep 1: Dooms Day Heist Act 1: Prep – Paramedic Equipment

Steal an ambulance containing paramedic equipment

Prep 2: Dooms Day Heist Act 1: Prep – Deluxo’s

Fight your way through a security team to access the garage where the Deluxo’s are stored

Prep 3: Dooms Day Heist Act 1: Prep – Akula

Infiltrate the control tower at Fort Zancudo to download the location of the Akula helicopter 


Setup 1: Dooms Day Heist Act 1: SETUP: Dead Courier

Team 1 collects a dead agents cache of data from the morgue

Team 2 recovers the agent’s stolen helicopter

Setup 2: Dooms Day Heist Act 1: SETUP: Signal Intercepts

Use the Deluxo’s to get close to multiple target vehicles and hack them to recover data packages

Setup 3: Dooms Day Heist Act 1: SETUP: Server Farm

Land on the roof of the N.O.O.S.E Government Facility and infiltrate the server farm undetected to recover data

Heist: Dooms Day Heist Act 1: Heist Finale


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