GTA Online How to AFK on XB1/XBOX One in your Apartment on your TV

GTA Online Gun RunningI am going to show you how to AFK (away from keyboard / controller) successfully in your Bunker or Apartment watching TV or on your security cameras. There is some confusion with newcomers on what settings to configure on your XB1/XBOX One to avoid you timing out. Some people are reporting on forums that they still time out but don’t fully understand which settings to configure.

GTA Online Gun Running

There are two main settings for XBOX One that you need to configure to make sure you don’t time out. First, is the IDLE Options which is a relatively new setting Microsoft introduced in the last few updates, this needs to be UNCHECKED. You can leave the dim timer alone and just uncheck that setting. Makes sure that it is unset. It can be found under your Xbox Settings -> Preferences – Idle Options

XBOX One IDLE Setting


The second option you will want to change is your Power Options to make sure your XBOX doesn’t turn off while you afk’ing. This is by default 6 hours I believe, change to this to Do not turn off automatically, so that your XB1 doesn’t turn off until you switch it off.


XBOX One Power Setting

Sometimes you may want to set this to 3 hours if you only just have a bunker, so when your supplies are depleted, you may not want your xbox on wasting power, or if you want to go to sleep, set it so it turns off after 2-3 hours so it can produce and use 1 bar full of supplies.


Sit in a Contact Mission to avoid Maintenance fees

A trick I use is to wait until all my supplies have been delivered to my bunker, then wait 1-3 minutes for my supplies to drop down a sliver, then buy supplies for $15K. At this point, you want to set your spawn point to your apartment, then change sessions, then start the Blow Up mission. Watch your TV for 2 hours or 2 hours 10 minutes, as it takes 9 minutes for your supplies to be delivered. Sometimes you will come out of your contact mission and your supplies have not been delivered, so you need to wait, so coming out of the mission a little early will prevent your bunker to stop producing.

What I also like to do is sit in a contact mission like Blow Up for 2 hours, then after 2 hours, I will complete the mission earning $18K. The money alone from this mission will pay for your $15K worth of supplies you purchased prior to going into the mission.

To Summarize 

  1. Wait or buy ~$75K of supplies for your Bunker
  2. Wait for your supplies to drop a sliver
  3. Buy $15K worth of supplies
  4. Change your Spawn point to your apartment closest to the mission you start, for me, this is the Alta Apartments and the Blow Up Mission
  5. Go to story mode or change sessions.
  6. If you go to the story, start an invite session, it will put in your apartment.
  7. Start Blow Up Mission
  8. Watch TV, make sure you hit the right d-button to watch tv (turn the tv on or leave it off doesn’t matter)
  9. Plug in your controller into your USB or turn it off (Doesn’t matter)
  10. Turn off your real TV if you don’t want to waste Electricity 
  11. After 2 hours or 2 hours 10 minutes, complete Blow Up Mission, earn $18K
  12. Exit back to a session, at this point your supplies should say they have been delivered, if not wait 9 minutes
  13. In the meantime, you can go check to make sure your NC is fine and is still producing or even complete a sell.
  14. Go to your Bunker and rinse and repeat from Step 1


Watch my video I created with the steps above

Video: How to AFK in your Apartment


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