GTA Online NightClub Money Making Tips

GTA Online Money Making Tips

GTA Online NightClub Money Make Tips


Welcome to Rockstar’s latest DLC for GTA Online After Hours. I am going to talk about if it is worth owning a nightclub, what you can do with it and how you can make money. I have included various tidbits I found and will talk about the various things I learned and enjoy from this update. I have also included some basic videos I created, as well as a video on buying a Nightclub from Scratch, as well as two videos on two solo, sells showing how easy it is if you know how to get a solo public session.

This is the 2nd best way to make money in the game completely passively outside of the well renown Bunker which I still consider the best passive income in the game.

The Nightclub Concept is very Confusing

The Nightclub business is very confusing when we talk about the Nightclub Business and the MC Business. Let me try to explain. In order for you to produce a product in your Nightclub, you need to own businesses. That is the ONLY relationship, that just need to exist. Basically, Rockstar is forcing people to own businesses to run the Nightclub Business or Rockstar makes the assumption everyone owns most things in the game and needed to tie it in. I think it is a bit of both, R* is forcing you to spend more money to make money in the nightclub, a bit of a scam if you ask me, but hey nothing new from R*.

So for the most efficient nightclub business, you need to own the following businesses Cargo (Hangar or Crates or both), Bunker, Cash, Meth and Coke. If you own Weed and Forfeiting, that’s ok but you won’t need them but you could use them if you wanted. With the 5 businesses you will own, you assign a technician to each one to produce a product for your nightclub. There is absolutely no connection between the MC Business and your Nightclub Business. What that means if you want to run your MC Businesses, you need to continue as you have been doing the past, go upgrade it, go supply it, go sell it. It is NOT done thru the nightclub.

When the nightclub begins producing a product, it is a completely separate product than the MC Businesses. Say you have the Coke business, the NightClub will begin producing a Coke Product but so will your Coke MC Businesses. When you want to sell, you need to sell twice, once for the Nightclub and once for your MC Business. This does also mean you need upgrades for both businesses.

You can also choose not to run your MC Business like me, I leave it empty with no product, no supplies and it is NOT upgraded. Yes, that is correct, you do NOT need your Coke business to be upgraded to run the nightclub business. It just needs to exist and you just need to do the first setup mission. Once you completed the setup, sell or destroy any product to avoid it getting raided or any problems. If it gets raided, it causes your Nightclub to stop producing, so to avoid any possible issue, just keep it empty.

What is the Night Club and what can it do

So in its basic form, the NC is another property which you can acquire from around $1m-$2m depending on the location (See video on locations below). It has two businesses, a small NightClub business which can earn you some small amount of money without owning any other businesses (up to $70K if your popularity is 100%), it has a 40 car garage, which allows you to park 40 additional cars, a TerrorByte Garage (you have to purchase separately), a Pounder Garage (separate purchase) and a van which you get free with the NightClub to help you deliver goods.

This is really an endgame business, in order to get the most benefit out of this business and more importantly the most profit, you should own all the other businesses, Hangar, Crates, Bunker and 3-5 MC Businesses (You really only need 3 MC businesses for max profit if you sell every 20 hours (IRL Hours, NOT game hours)). The best MC Businesses are Cash, Coke and Meth. If you own Weed and Counterfeit, that is ok, but you likely won’t be using them. If you want to sell only when you full, then the Weed and Counterfeit business can be beneficial but you going to make less money than when you sell every 20 hours (IRL Hours, NOT game hours). It takes a crazy amount of time to produce, twice that of the bunker but you don’t need to supply it, so maybe that’s R*’s way of making it worthwhile.

In order for the NightClub to produce a product, these businesses must be already established and exist. However, if you don’t own them, you can buy them but don’t upgrade them (waste of money), they do NOT need to be upgraded unless you plan to run them. Just do the first setup mission and sell the little product they have just to avoid the risk of them getting raided. You don’t want them raided because this will prevent the NightClub from producing and causing you all sorts of issues. So either sell the product or destroy it but leave no supplies or product in your MC Businesses unless you actively running them.

The NightClub offers some new content, some client missions if you buy the TerrorByte, so in itself is worth it, but you might want to hold off if you low on cash. A fully upgraded Nightclub will set you back between $8-$10 Million in-game dollars, depending on which NC you purchase and which upgrades. Now you can make that back in a relatively short period if you already own and have established businesses. Upgraded

Storage and Vehicles

First of all, do NOT buy the Mule for a delivery vehicle, once you buy it you cannot get rid of it and it is slow to deliver in and you may be forced to use it to deliver which would be painful. The Pounder is also slow, but it can deliver large shipments so you need it anyway and you get a van with your Night Club which you can upgrade. Only put Armour 3 on it as the grate in the front is completely useless on the van and will slow you down. Also, avoid putting the missiles on top of the Pounder as I read it can get stuck under bridges and cause you to fail the sell mission. I put the grenade launcher on but looks like I need a second person to operate it so you might not want to bother.  Just today the grenade launcher which is low got stuck on a bridge, the missile launcher is much higher, I would of probably had to find another route today which would of been annoying.

You have the option to buy additional storage, 5 floors will cost you around $1.7M, but it is worth it in my opinion. Each floor can hold 72 crates for a total of 360 crates. You don’t need to buy it up front and you can upgrade later if you choose, but at some point, you going to want max storage if you going to get the maximum benefits of the nightclub. Yes, it is expensive, but remember you will get your money back if you run your business properly. If you don’t have all your other business established, then don’t get the storage.

The nightclub also comes with garage space, you can buy up to 4 floors, each holding 10 cars on each floor. People have already figured out how to duplicate cars in the NightClub, so if you into that scene, you might want to consider getting all the garage space. 4 Floors of storage aren’t too expensive, it is about an extra $450K. Just getting extra garage space alone is worth buying the nightclub in my opinion, I already filled it up.

Increase Security to reduce raids

I always buy the security upgrade and it isn’t that expensive for the NightClub but if you don’t have the cash to buy it you can upgrade it later, it will prevent raids. Since the NightClub takes a long time to produce a product, either 20 hours or 66 hours for the maximum of product, you would be wise to buy the security. It also adds free ammo around the nightclub as well as other security upgrades like Gun Locker in your Office and the Security Bars in your garages, making it look secure. Lastly, it adds security cameras to your desks in your nightclub office as well as on the computer in the basement business. Nightclubs can get raided every 4 hours with 20%+ product without the security upgrade or every 8 hours with 40%+ product with it, so be aware.

Free Weapons / Ammo

Credit DarkBee2Bee (See sources section)

The Heavy Revolver is available in the Nightclub Office, opposite the bed. The warehouses also have free weapons spawning in the computer rooms on each basement floor (The room where Johan is). You will need the security upgrade

The weapons per basement level are as follows:

  1. Assault SMG
  2. Pump Shotgun
  3. Advanced Rifle
  4. Heavy Sniper
  5. Grenade Launcher

Cost of Buying NightClub

Calculations Based on a fully Upgraded NightClub

Cargo – 50 units, 1 unit $10,000 per 70min = 58hrs for $500,000
Sporting goods – 100 units,, 1 unit $5,000 per 40min = 66hrs for $500,000
South American Imports, 20 units, 1 unit $20,000 per 120min = 20hrs for $200,000
Pharmaceutical Research – 20 units, 1 unit $8,500 per 60min = 20hrs for $170,000
Organic Produce – 80 units, 1 unit $1,500 per 20min = 26hrs for $120,000
Cash Creation – 40 units, 1 unit $3,500 per 30min = 20hrs for $140,000
Printing & Copying – 60 units, 1 unit $1,000 per 15min = 15hrs for $60,000

You can do 5 @ a time, but as the longest is 66hrs for Sport Goods, this will be the overall wait time if you wanted a full club house values at $1,690,000.

Keep in mind this is 100% passive, no resupplies or costs are required. To my knowledge club popularity does not affect production, just the 48min safe payment.

Tony takes a 10% cut on sales.

Business Payment (Per Hour)

Printing & Copying (source: Forged documents) – accrue time: 15 hours, value: $60,000 | $4,000/hour
Organic Produce (source: Weed) – accrue time: 26.66 hours, value: $120,000 | $4,500/hour
Cash Creation (source: Cash) – accrue time 20 hours, value: $140,000 | $7,000/hour
Sporting Goods (source: Bunker) – accrue time: 66.66 hours, value: $500,000 | $7,500/hour
Pharmaceutical Research (source: Meth) – accrue time 20 hours, value: $170,000 | $8,500/hour
Cargo and Shipments (source: Hangar/Warehouse?) – accrue time: 58.33 hours, value: $500,000 | $8,570/hour
South American Imports (source: Coke) – accrue time 40 hours, value: $400,000 | $10,000/hour

You should use 5 technicians in the 5 most profitable areas, you “should” sell every 20 hours (maximum storage reached via Cash and Meth), which will net you $831,400 before fees.


Each Business requires a technician to run it, technicians are somewhat expensive, almost about $1m for all 5. Only hire the number of technicians for the number of businesses you have. So if you only have 1 business, hire 1 tech, if you have 5 businesses, hire 5. If you want to maximize your Nightclub, you need 5 businesses and 5 techs. You also want to make sure each tech is active on a business, make sure they have checkmarks and 1 of them will have a little man icon next to his name. Make sure they do not have an exclamation mark next to their name like below. An exclamation means the tech has not be assigned or the business has completed producing and is ready to sell. The man icon means that tech is active on your screen, so if you click on a business, you can reassign that tech with a man to another business, if you click on the various tech’s, you will notice the man icon moves. It will also tell you which business which tech is assigned to which is useful if you trying to reassign a specific business tech to somewhere else.

GTA Online

If you have 7 businesses, you need to reassign tech’s once another business has completed their product. As before you should be selling every 20 hours or whenever your Meth, Coke and Cash have finished producing. Don’t want for Cargo and your Sporting goods to finish, sell when your 3 MC Businesses have completed and sell ALL products, so you only do a single mission instead of 5 or multiple missions. The lock icon means the business has not been set up or you do not own that business. If you buy a new MC business or any business, you must first do the first setup mission.

Nightclub Profit and Popularity Guide (NOT Warehouse)

Credit Liam2349 (See Sources Section)

This section assumes you have the staff upgrade. Nothing else matters for popularity.

You lose 5% popularity per day (48 minutes in real life).

Switching DJs gets you 1% popularity per $1k that you spend. So switching the first time for $100k gets you 100% popularity. Switching again for $10k gets you 10% popularity. You can use this to “buy supplies” aka booking a DJ rather than “stealing” them aka running a promotion.

Running a promotion gets you 5% 10% popularity (thanks to MarshallMelon for correcting me on this, after which I re-tested). In my opinion, this is a bad use of time. Not only are the missions very boring, but you could do some other work instead and make more money. This pretty much follows the rule that buying supplies is better.

Earnings Per Day at Each Popularity Level

% Popularity Earnings Per Day ($)
100 10k
95 10k
90 9k
85 8k
80 7k
75 6k
70 5.5k
65 5k
60 4.5k
55 4k
50 3.5k
45 3k
40 2.5k
35 2k
30 1.5k
25 1k
20 750
15 500
10 250
5 100
0 100

Profits at Each Popularity Level If You Book New DJs When Reaching It (Assuming You Start At 100%)

Book at % Earnings ($) Profit ($) Profit/day ($/day)
90 20k 10k 5k
80 37k 17k 4.25k
70 50k 20k 3.33k
60 60.5k 20.5k 2.56k
50 69k 19k 1.9k
40 75.5k 15.5k 1.29k
30 80k 10k 0.71k
20 82.5k 2.5k 0.16k
10 83.75k -6.25k -0.34k
0 84.1k -15.9k -0.80k


You should subtract your daily fees from the profit/day. I didn’t include them because you may not have your club fully upgraded, but if you do my fees are $2000/per day.

Conclusion about NightClub Popularity

The nightclub doesn’t make you much money; but if you just want your club to remain popular without having to run promotions, you’re in luck.

From the above table, we can see that the most optimal point to book a new DJ is at 90% popularity so that you continue to profit $5k/day. If you are not concerned with the profit, and just want to keep your club popular without making a loss, then book 8 new DJs in a row when you reach 20% popularity. Note that the safe will have overflown by this point (max capacity $70k), so you must have collected the money before the overflow point (by 50% popularity). If you don’t go to your club very often, then 50% may be the optimal point for you to book new DJs, since you can collect your money at the same time.

Switching DJ’s to increase your popularity

One of the annoying things is when switching DJ’s in your Nightclub Office to increase your Nightclub popularity, is that it puts you on the dance floor, which means you have to walk slowly all the way back to your office to switch to the next DJ.

Protip: Switch DJ’s in your basement business instead or on Basement Level 2, it allows you to quickly switch DJ’s in seconds making the task much less tedious, you are NOT put on the dance floor.

Conclusion about Nightclub

So is the NightClub worth owning? In my opinion yes is. In it’s most basic form, it can make a bit of money from the NightClub if you just run the NightClub Business and keep up its popularity, it provides access to special vehicles like the TerrorByte and Oppressor II to be upgraded (Note you don’t need a NightClub to buy the Oppressor MK2) but you need it to upgrade it. It also provides access to the client missions, the drone which can be fun and extra content. So if that is all you interested in, buy the basic NightClub and don’t upgrade it.

In it’s most complex form which is running the basement business, it is now the 2nd best passive income in the game outside of the Bunker. It is worth running the Bunker and NightClub daily for this reason and you should be able to make close to $2 Million a day which doesn’t seem much but is a great source of income. Remember the Nightclub requires no supplies, little maintenance and the missions are very easy in a solo session. See my videos below how easy the missions are. Sure things can go wrong, but compared to the MC, Crate and Bunker sell missions, these are incredibly quick and easy.

I highly recommend getting a NightClub. (See Which NightClub section for which ones I recommend and why).

If you need to ask me questions, the best way is to contact me is on youtube on one of my videos.


Video: Nightclub Basics 101

Video: Let’s Buy a NightClub (including all missions)

Video: Full NightClub Solo Sell #1

Video: Full NightClub Solo Sell #2

Video: Shows Locations of All NightClubs and view outside

Which Nightclub do I Recommend?

So just like any of the other businesses such as the Hangar and Bunker, all businesses are the same, they look the same inside, they operate the same, so the location you choose is purely based on cosmetics of what the NightClub looks like and how close they are to the sell mission locations. Most sell missions are going to take you up North, but all NightClubs are relatively close to each other. If you haven’t watched my video, take a tour and look at all the buildings for the Nightclubs, look for stairways to the roof, look the area so when you flying a Buzzard, is it easy to land? If you flying an MK2 Oppressor, can you fly in easily etc.

The top 4 Night Clubs in my opinion are

  1. Vinewood (location, location, location). As far as I am concerned this is the best location, it has various landmarks and coloured builds around to identify the location quickly. It has the WTF building right across the road which is very colourful at night. However it is not the best-looking building, but the area is nice. I own two nightclubs and they both at this location.
  2. Strawberry Hill – I like the look of this building and would say it is the 2nd best looking nightclub in the game next to Del Perro. But the best thing about this building is it has an empty space on top of the roof and allows an easy landing of a Buzzard with stairs and a ladder down to your Nightclub
  3. Del Perro – This I think is the best-looking building in the game, it looks like a regular building and likely close to people apartments and other businesses like the coke business which is around the corner.
  4. Mission Hill – I like this one for the back alley vibe it gives off, also pretty central. This would of being my second choice.

What Businesses do I need to get started?

So just to summarize from the above, you going to need 5 businesses to have an efficient and most profitable nightclub. That doesn’t mean if you only have 1 or 2 businesses you shouldn’t buy a nightclub if you want, you can still start to slowly make money from it. You can run a NC with 1 business if you want, but you not going to make a lot of money by doing that. So you can start with a few businesses, but look at buying the others a s quick as possible.

You are going to need either a Hangar or Crate Business or what we call cargo. You can buy the smallest crate warehouse ~$250K-$350K if you want and just not use it if you have nothing and don’t want to buy the Hangar. All these businesses can be left un-upgraded unless you plan to run them.

Then you going to need a bunker and 3 MC Businesses. The MC Businesses you should purchase are Coke, Meth and Cash. Don’t buy Weed or Forgery .. you won’t need them. They are sometimes useful to have if you already own them or just want to have them, but you not going to use them if you selling every 20 hours.


That’s it, Cargo, Bunker, Coke, Cash and Meth are the 5 businesses you should work towards or own to have the most efficient nightclub.


Sources / Credit for above Data

Free Weapons in NC by /u/DarkBee2Bee –
NightClub Profit in NC by /u/Liam2349 –

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