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How to make a site with infinite page scroll

All credits for the code go to these guys at for the code. The code is good, but it has an issue if you scroll too fast with the browser, it gets confused and duplicates lines which makes things pretty messy quickly. I found a fix on Stack Flow which corrects the problem, so I am going to post the new code to use. Most of the code is the same except for the AJAX stuff, there is a bunch of changes we need to make.


You can see the scroll in action here


Step 1 – Create the Posts table


Step 2 – Create the DB Configuration file



Step 3 – Create index.PHP




Update to JavaScript in index.PHP

Notice all the loaded = statements. Also the if statement had to be updated. You can read the original StackOverFlow Article here



Step 4 – Create data.PHP



Step 5 – Create loadMoreData.PHP




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Stephen says May 27, 2018

I have web app with lots of data i needed like this idea. Thanks a lot you

Php Expert Programmer says June 1, 2018

Nice tutorial! This is really helpful to used my business site development. It just made my work easier. I absolutely like this tutorial.


Paritosh Pandey says July 11, 2018

I think infinite scrolling is best for both website owners & visitors because infinite scrolling makes pages more interactive and user-friendly, and the most important thing is the whole page including its static resources are not downloaded frequently. After all, we would not want our visitors to bounce back for just scrolling pages on and on.

Technology Points says July 25, 2018

Nice Post about Infinite Scroll Pagination using JQuery Ajax with the required Example Code. Thanks for sharing the wonderful Post.

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