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WordPress Blue Line on top of table

Line on top of wordpress table

Removing a line on top of your wordpress table

For those who have run into this issue, it seems to be related to the over effect over a table possibly or just a style issue. Anyway this is how you get rid of it, it may or may not work for you, but I have two pieces of code which may help you.


The first is one suggested by GraphicCove at the WordPress Support Site


Either add into your styles for your theme which I don’t like modifying my them, so I use the CSS Plus Plugin and can add code for each post page.


The other one you can try is this piece of code which I found, which worked on my 2nd blog before I found the above code.

Line on top of blue press table

The other one GraphicsCove suggested you try is the following if his first one doesn’t help



You can check out the suggestions from GraphicsCove here on the WordPress Support Site





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